We’re incredibly proud that our Principal Transport Specialist Tony Mathew has just completed an ambitious two-month project to train over 200 staff from the Himachal Pradesh state government in the essentials of crash data-led interventions. The training, which covered key principles such as the six safe system ‘pillars’ and the International Road Assessment Programme’s ‘Global Plan for the Decade of Action’, is expected to help save hundreds of lives across the roads of the Himalayan state.

The training course attendees, who included police officers and road engineers, also learnt how to use TRL Technologies’ market-leading, web-based accident analysis system, iMAAP, to develop effective safety interventions. It is estimated that iMAAP has already saved over 25,000 lives around the world.
By combining crash data captured by the police with iMAAP’s analysis capability, TRL has developed a successful methodology that enables governments to identify and develop evidence-based road safety schemes. iMAAP can improve targeted enforcement, identify the predominant crash types (whether at network-, road type-, or district-levels), develop targeted action plans and improved post-crash care. This approach will help national and local authorities to achieve much quicker results in terms of reduced fatalities and serious injuries, as well as in terms of smoother running road networks.